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Abstract - a small oral report, presentation in writing of any scientific work, the content of the read book and the like, a report on a topic based on a review of various sources. Usually, the purpose of the abstract is - to demonstrate students' knowledge of a particular subject, topic or problem and practical skills of analysis of scientific and scientific-methodological literature.

Pedagogy is one of the most complex sciences in the world. Pedagogy is the science that is responsible for learning and education. Pedagogy diagnoses a problem and finds ways out of it. Pedagogues tend to be deeply educated and intelligent people who have their own opinions about everything, including the world's problems.

To write good, competent abstracts on pedagogy, it is necessary to reread a lot of special, sometimes written in obscure language literature, visit more than one library, and even correctly express it all in the text. That also represents a certain difficulty, because not everyone is able to express their thoughts in a sufficiently competent and convincing manner in writing.

Introduction - the purpose and objectives of the work, the rationale for choosing the topic and its relevance, length: 1-2 pages.

The main part - the author's point of view based on a literature analysis of the problem, volume: 7-10 pages.

Conclusion - conclusions and suggestions are formed, the conclusion should be brief, clear, conclusions should follow from the content of the main part, volume: 1-3 pages. Next is a list of references, where the literature is not older than 5 years.

In the abstract can be annexes in the form of diagrams, questionnaires, charts, etc. In the design of the abstract welcome pictures and tables.

The average volume of the abstract is usually 10-20 pages (ideally 15-16), this does not include a title page and appendices.

In general, any work, including student work, should have a purpose. This applies to dissertations, diplomas, term papers, abstracts, and of course abstracts.

The purpose of the abstract is what you actually want to achieve as a result of working on your research. It is the final pragmatic result of your work.

In order to achieve the stated goal, it is necessary to solve a number of tasks (for the abstract, usually - within three). After the formed goal it is necessary to list the tasks - this is also a requirement for the abstract.

Nowhere else in the text of the work about the purpose of the abstract, as a rule, do not remember. But in the conclusion of the abstract back to the goal. In the conclusion about whether the stated goal of the abstract or not is achieved - directly and so write: "... thus, the purpose of the abstract achieved. This phrase comes after the answer to the tasks set in the Introduction and the general conclusion of the work.


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