**** Acatist către Sfântul Efrem cel Nou pentru dobândirea NAȘTERII DE PRUNCI(în egleză)


Acatist către Sfântul Efrem cel Nou pentru NAȘTEREA DE PRUNCI – în limba engleză

Acatist către Sfântul Efrem cel Nou pentru NAȘTEREA DE PRUNCI - în limba engleză




Human nature is renewed with every child born into the world as each one of us is conceived through a Word of God and brought from nothingness into beingness to fully partake at the Life of the Holy Trinity. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Saints have come to know the mystery of our ancestry and their encompassing love is working miracles for us. Therefore, you, who know the power of our Maker, great Martyr Saint Ephraim, to you we say: Rejoice, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


Our entire earthly life we strive incessantly to understand the mystic Word through which our Maker brought us to life and the deep sigh of our hearts dwells forth into the prayer, but the burden of our transgressions crushes our good will. Therefore, we run to you, Saint Ephraim, and in good hope we say to you:

            Rejoice, smile that submerges and wipes our transgressions away, giving us peace;

            Rejoice, high soar and overseeing eye that guards our souls;

            Rejoice, fragrant zephyr, risen through the work of the Holy Spirit;

            Rejoice, divine mirth that fills our hearts with glee and life;

            Rejoice, ladder of faith made up of countless miracles;

            Rejoice, might that weaves and kneads for us a divine bodily cover;

            Rejoice, you who give many infants towards the renewal of creation;

            Rejoice, stone of faith that founds the return of God’s prodigal sons;

            Rejoice, radiant chime that chases the clouds of sorrow and hopelessness away;

            Rejoice, soft chirp that heralds and uplifts us towards the Heavens;

            Rejoice, whisper of the holy waters that cleanse and replenish our souls;

            Rejoice, that you strengthen and protect each step of our children;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


Your help is undeniable great Martyr Ephraim, aiding and cradling the birth of infants into the bosom of the families who cannot bear children. Therefore, all those blessed with your swift help, herald with great joy your wonders and sing to God: Alleluia!


None of those who asked for your help was overlooked, Holy Father Ephraim, and having earned blessed children through your mighty working before the Holy Trinity they sing with mirth such things as these:

            Rejoice, as you herald to the world that children are God’s blessing;

            Rejoice, undefeatable might that stands against the transgression of abortion;

            Rejoice, thunder that shakes callousness and the darkness of our lives;

            Rejoice, spring humming the Resurrection of Christ-God;

            Rejoice, flood of goodness that overwhelms us with divine smile;

            Rejoice, sunshine that quenches the fire of our passions;

            Rejoice, absolute healing of our spiritual and physical ailments;

            Rejoice, swift cure of all those who put their trust in you;

            Rejoice, pall that was woven for us with mercy;

            Rejoice, harvest of the eternal victory of the Son of God;

            Rejoice, humility that descends even lower that our offences;

            Rejoice, swift counsellor and protector of all those who love you;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


The richness and fragrance of all the flowers in this world cannot encompass the beauty and grace bestowed upon us through your prayer, Holy Father Ephraim, and may your love and caring protect both the children who are born and those who are in their mother’s womb, both the orphans and those in need and suffering, both young and old as well as all those who are enduring physical or spiritual pains. May we gratefully praise the Lord for having blessed us with your help, now, unto the end of ages, and sing with joy: Alleluia!     


Many are the pains and sufferings of mankind in this worldly life whereby sin’s yoke has led our lives into sheer hollowness as we have chased away the Holy Spirit’s Grace from our souls. May you pray for us Saint Ephraim, so that the flowers of repentance should stem from our hearts and thus gratefully say: Rejoice!

            Rejoice, that holding our hand, you teach us the first steps towards the Kingdom of Heavens;

            Rejoice, wide open gate through which holiness is bestowed upon us;

            Rejoice, radiant dwelling that abides the Holy Spirit;

            Rejoice, depth of sacred restfulness that replenishes our hearts with vigilance;

            Rejoice, beacon of light that vanquishes the darkness of death;

            Rejoice, clear well that refreshes our thirst with the living water of humbleness;

            Rejoice, fresh spring gilded of a multitude of tears;

            Rejoice, holy embrace that encompasses the entire creation;

            Rejoice, blissful message annunciated to us through the love of God;

            Rejoice, for your love of Christ the Saviour is inexhaustible;

            Rejoice, smile embodied serenely in our children’s lives;

           Rejoice, ever watchful guard towards the well upbringing of our sons and daughters;

           Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


The children who were born into this world due to your grace, all-pious Saint Ephraim, are the testimony of the might God gave to you as where the doctors and the science demanded the abortion of children, you extolled yourself evincing their ignorance and lack of faith and working miracles beyond the human comprehension. Therefore, the parents who undeniably experienced your divine might, thank you for the children born into their families, and worshiping the Holy Trinity in Spirit and in Truth, they sing: Alleluia!


The new face of children sheds light into the world and their communion with the Holy Gifts weakens the power of death and hades. Extoll yourself great Martyr Ephraim through the children who were born to this world as a result of your working and all together may we endeavour to say to you such things as these:

            Rejoice, life without death that stands against the sin of abortion;

            Rejoice, gardener that grows the flowers of joy in our children’s hearts;

            Rejoice, scion and harvest that herald our communion with the divine nature;

            Rejoice, that there are no limits to your mercy;

            Rejoice, peace and union living endlessly in untainted love;

            Rejoice, that the embrace of your love strips hades bare;

            Rejoice, book written with the thoughts of Christ the Son of God;

            Rejoice, humbleness that vanquishes all our vanities and haughtiness;

            Rejoice, depth that can only be attained by the divine mind;

            Rejoice, that your prayer accompanied Christ our Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane;

            Rejoice, sigh in which the sunrise of everlasting glory abides;

            Rejoice, sun of goodness perceived by the pure minds of children;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


You endured the terrifying tortures of martyrdom and conquered the mires of death and abomination embracing deeply in your heart God’s sigh for the entire human nature. Your face is a radiant token of Grace and a testimony of the Holy Spirit which makes of you the proof of the Resurrection of the Son of God. Therefore, we bow to you in humbleness great Martyr and Healer Ephraim, and to God we speak in awe: Alleluia!


Our sorrow and suffering turn to comfort and peace as we are reminded of the miracles you are working ceaselessly, all-pious Father Ephraim, and therefore we beg you to take us into your care, make us thrive in all that is useful to us and as such we may become witnesses to your wonders and gratefully sing to you:

            Rejoice, treasury of abundance that replenishes the needfulness of families;

            Rejoice, swift healer of the illnesses and pains of children;

            Rejoice, hallow voice that makes itself heard through deeds beyond our human nature;

            Rejoice, that through the tortures of martyrdom, your crucifixion nailed death itself;

            Rejoice, that enduring the abominations of your executioners, you glorified the face of God;

            Rejoice, martyrical blood that heals all of our wounds;

            Rejoice, blue sky vested with the pure clouds of humble tears;

            Rejoice, sacred path that guides us to our inner Kingdom;

            Rejoice, vanquishing repentance accomplished by the human nature;

            Rejoice, banner of the bravery of the soldiers of Christ-God;

            Rejoice, comfort of those hardened by the hardships of this world;

            Rejoice, lightning that flashes deep down into the corners of our hearts;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


Joy, comfort and undefeatable trust are your wonderful workings, all-pious Martyr Ephraim, and their foundation is grounded in the blooding and passions of martyrdom. We stand in awe at the mere thought of what you endured and it is for this reason that we know you are bearing with us all of our misfortunes, illnesses and sorrow. We are altogether unworthy to come forward and praise you and as such we beg you to help us speak truthfully to God: Alleluia!    


We cannot thank you enough for your countless help and gifts, and whereas our voice is hardly worthy and utterly helpless our heart is full of gratitude. May you protect us, Saint Ephraim, for as long as we shall live and may you give us good thoughts and council for the fulfillment of God’s commandments whereby we may come to know Him and thus gratefully sing to you:

            Rejoice, that you render childhood and families blissful;

            Rejoice, unwavering tower watching over us in the Name of God;

            Rejoice, tree of repentance with its bending branches in the river of tears;

            Rejoice, spear that prevents our enemies coming down upon us;

            Rejoice, sward that rifts and rips off the workings of the passions of mires;

            Rejoice, arrow that aims from far at the plotting of sin;

            Rejoice, mighty shield of the justice of Providence;

            Rejoice, impervious armour that puts down the fire of desire;

            Rejoice, stout fortress whose walls encompass the Church of Christ;

            Rejoice, peaceful apparition vested in the mystery of humility;

            Rejoice, harvest of grace in the barrenness of this earthly life;

            Rejoice, spiritual father offering the balm of your wonders to us all;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


The immaterial light that surrounds and emanates from you reveals yourself as the reposal of God, great Martyr Ephraim, and your pure smile is overwhelming our minds and hearts as we cannot understand the power through which your smile is everlasting unto the ages of ages. Come down and see to our sheer helplessness, most-caring Father Ephraim, and teach us how to earnestly confess to God our Lord to Whom forever we shall sing: Alleluia!


Divine and profound knowledge abides in your advice and revelations, great Martyr Ephraim, through which the Holy Trinity reveals to us God’s will and work. Guide us, most-righteous, so that we may endeavour to labour and pray and thus earn the granting of our requests and gratefully say to you: Alleluia!

            Rejoice, treasure buried through martyrdom and discovered in this day and age;

            Rejoice, purifying rain that washes away the many human taints;

            Rejoice, tenderness that soothes the souls of the young and of the old;

            Rejoice, gem polished by the many pains and sorrow;

            Rejoice, treasure of the working faith through the human humbleness;

            Rejoice, gold crafted in the furnace of the fire of martyrdom;

            Rejoice, silver that through virtue earns for us the grace of God;

            Rejoice, jewel that adorns the beauty of the Church of Christ;

            Rejoice, diamond that conveys to us the sunshine of Divinity;

            Rejoice, gentleness without end that makes light descend in our hearts;

            Rejoice, warmth that shines in abundance melting the frost in our hearts;

            Rejoice, that infants love you for your kindness knows no limits;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


You opened your arms to embrace the entire human creation, great Martyr and Healer Ephraim, and we know that you will not forsake anybody as you are the follower of our Saviour Jesus Christ Whose arms were wide open on the Cross for the absolution of the transgressions of the entire creation. Light up our hearts all-pious Father, embracing them into your divine sigh so that us too we may tearfully thank God: Alleluia!


We are eager to resemble your pains with those of Christ our Saviour as through your martyrdom, Saint Ephraim, the prophecy of Christ was fulfilled: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” Therefore, we bow to you in humbleness, all-pious Father, and in tears we say:

            Rejoice, divine song composed through the power of sigh;

            Rejoice, grail that sheds the blessing of the Holy Spirit unto the entire world;

            Rejoice, piercing root into the deep nourished with the sap of humility;

            Rejoice, immaculate rosebud that spreads its delicious fragrance in our children’s childhood;

            Rejoice, that many children are given your name at the Holy Baptism;

            Rejoice, unquenchable candlelight that burns with the gift of the burnt offering;

            Rejoice, candle whose light is burning for us before Christ our Lord;

            Rejoice, offering knead out of tears and martyrical blood;

            Rejoice, leaven which tastes wonderfully of the all-mighty wisdom;

            Rejoice, absolute and vanquishing justice that works in the name of love;

            Rejoice, dough that rises holiness in the fire of the Holy Spirit;

            Rejoice, martyrical cross with its arms reaching for the entire world;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


When bent by the burden of our sorrow, we feel your soft pace in our hearts and your reaching hand, all-pious Father Ephraim, rises us from the dark mires of the bad habits. Reach deep down into the darkness and hollowness of our hearts with your aura so that in faith and hope we could confess to God’s power, singing: Alleluia!


Your wonders rustle like the leaves from the Tree of Life, offering healing and the gift of childbearing to all those who faithfully praise your name. Strengthen us into the right confession, pious Ephraim, so that filled with the holy hope, we could say to you in light and truth:

            Rejoice, that through your working the barren parents are given children;

            Rejoice, treasury of mercy that works for the forgiveness of our transgressions;

            Rejoice, heart sealed with the letters of the fire of Christ’s Gospel;  

            Rejoice, abyss of humility that thrusts into the deep our countless sins;

            Rejoice, renewing wine vanquishing the drunkenness of our taints and passions;

            Rejoice, grape of the true Vine sweetened with the sap of godliness;

            Rejoice, silence of the next age annunciated to us through your countless wonders;

            Rejoice, sky that keeps on protecting us against the evil enmity;

            Rejoice, fragrant porch of the divine welcome;

            Rejoice, radiant blaze that quenches the fire of sins;

            Rejoice, that you vanquish so swiftly the darkness of vanity and carelessness;

            Rejoice, heavenly love that fulfills the embrace of parents and children;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


Through the confession to your countless miracles we have reached to you as if climbing on a ladder, pious Father Ephraim, and we have come to understand that your gifts have emerged from your martyrical labour. Teach us too how to open the arms of our hearts and encompass in our prayer the entire human nature and thereby we could receive the Eucharist of the divine and encompassing love which abides the eternal: Alleluia!   


You stand quickly in front of those who are faithfully asking for your help and while your presence is not visible to their eyes, great Martyr Ephraim, you respond to the most hidden sighs of their hearts. Therefore, all those who earned the fulfillment of their prayers are rejoicing in spirit and are singing to you out of the overflow of their hearts:

            Rejoice, that you bring so much joy offering the gift of good children;

            Rejoice, support and good upbringing of the children of those who are faithful;

            Rejoice, that you have the gift of clairvoyance through the power of the Holy Spirit;

            Rejoice, sacred wood that mellows the bitter sea of our desperation;

            Rejoice, fatherly figure that reveals to us the mystery of the divine fostering;

            Rejoice, immortal plougher that furrows into harvest our lives;

            Rejoice, high cross abided in the clouds of meekness and holiness;

            Rejoice, seal of the Holy Spirit that conceives in us the new life;

            Rejoice, wonderful view understood solely through the gift of God;

            Rejoice, truth embodied in flesh that dispels the idols of this world;

            Rejoice, sandglass of mercy that extends the time for repentance that was given to us;

            Rejoice, that the Name of the Son of God is endlessly glorified inside your heart;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


By praising your name Holy Ephraim, we earn sweet and nourishing sustenance and venerating you cheers up our souls with the immaculate piety of your holiness. Plow the soil of our hearts with the plough of the longing for repentance so that out of it could grow the enduring harvest of humility that is guarded by the unceasing: Alleluia!


The children, the young, the parents and the grandparents, they are all rejoicing at your gifts, kind Father Ephraim, and their voices are united in the mystery of prayer to thank you for your benevolence. Make us worthy as well of knowing the godly mystery of your martyrical labour and by receiving the holy gift of your humility may we say:

            Rejoice, force, meekness and tenderness that protect the children;

            Rejoice, swift comfort offered at the time of sorrow;

            Rejoice, spring that descends upon us the power of the Resurrection of Christ;

            Rejoice, gift of life that dispels temptations and deafens the roar of death;

            Rejoice, world’s canopy raised through the love for the Cross of Christ;

            Rejoice, bee that knows how to gather the honey from our smallness;

            Rejoice, meadow laid before us for the feast with the wonders of God;

            Rejoice, flower whose petals exhale the fragrance of godliness;

            Rejoice, vine whose scions grow in abundance in the Church of Christ;

            Rejoice, crop with plentiful fruit grown out of the martyrical death;

            Rejoice, that your soft walk accompanies our worldly journey;

            Rejoice, fatherly kindness sanctifying childhood and families;

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


The magnificence of your figure cannot be grasped by the narrowness of our minds and senses and your martyrical sacrifice raises as a burnt offering before the Holy Trinity. Make our figures shine and turn into the mystic adornment of the Church of Christ the Son of God and thus we could be like the wise maidens who, with their burning candlelight, are awaiting for their Groom singing: Alleluia!


Many are the children who came into this world through your sacred working, Holy Ephraim, and it is you who offered fruit where there was only barrenness. Have mercy for all those who trust in you fulfilling the ardent prayers of their hearts so that all together we could sing to you:

            Rejoice, that you are the warm welcome to the infants born into this world;

            Rejoice, shelter in which we find refuge when burdened by our helplessness;

            Rejoice, sacred reposal out of which arises the bravery of pain;

            Rejoice, haystack of joy gathered from the crop of God’s miracles;

            Rejoice, inexhaustible blaze that burns the chaff and the weeds of vanity;

            Rejoice, sacred earthquake that shakes the conceit of darkness out of our hearts;

            Rejoice, pure emerald that abides the sacred treasure of the Evangel;

            Rejoice, bright gem from the adornments of the Church of Christ;

            Rejoice, sapphire that sheds upon us the sunrise of the Kingdom of Heavens;

            Rejoice, bell whose tinkle pulls us off from the recklessness and death of sin;

            Rejoice, that you prevent parents from falling into the dreadful transgression of abortion;  

            Rejoice, purple pall that shines into the pure blaze of the Holy Spirit;     

            Rejoice, Saint Ephraim, most-marvelous giver and protector of infants!


Most-marvelous and mighty helpful Ephraim, come meet us swiftly, cleanse our minds and hearts, and make us worthy of approaching the Holy Mysteries, so that, untainted, we could earn the fulfillment of our prayers and gratefully praise the Lord: Alleluia!

And again we sing ikos 1 and kontakion 1 followed by this prayer to Saint Ephraim

O most-gracious Father Ephraim, we cannot stop marvelling at your life and at the miracles you are working ceaselessly in this day and age. With what words may we welcome you and how may we praise you for the multitude of gifts with which we have been blessed through the power of your working? Pour is our speech and utterly unable to rightfully praise you but the deep sigh of our hearts strives to answer and thank you properly. For we know you, great Martyr Ephraim, and we confess to the entire world that you are the inexhaustible longing, burning out of the godly embrace, the indescribable beauty born from the face of Christ-God, the slope which through swelter and blood descends up to the grounds of the human nature, the unvanquishable might which through meekness ruined the power of death, the protection given by the power and working of the Holy Spirit, the wreath of flowers braided with the serene fragrances of the holy labour, the scion whose branch is the holy grafting with the Tree of Life, the gem found into the deep shining in the darkness of our times, the embrace of the profound mysteries of God’s mercy and the fertile virtue for the seeds of the martyrical confession! Holy Father Ephraim, you are our forbearance nourishing us with the surfeit of life of the Holy Mysteries, the spring of joy heralding trough your actions the biblical commandments, the sunrise of goodness shining into a myriad of rays, the sunset that annunciates the luminous reposal of the sight of God, the pall covering mercifully our helplessness, the dew that quenches our thirst of the clear heavens, and the divine smile in which the holy hope of salvation blooms. Therefore, in good hope we are asking for your holy working and praying that you may help us according to our needs, granting us: the gift of bodily and spiritual health; the gift of childbearing towards the upbringing of children according to the lawful ways so pleasant to God; the salvation from sorrow, danger or despair; the strength and support for our commitment to the biblical commandments. Help us, great Martyr Ephraim, for you know our needs, and thus make us all together – parents, children, the young and the old – worthy to endeavour the working which earns us the blissful eternity into the light of the Holy Trinity, that of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.


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